Tangles in the net

I consider turning bilingual.

I'm not sure, though. My experience with writing in english is limited (to technical papers and song lyrics!), so I'll probably make embarrassing errors. My grammar and style will no doubt need some work. But that's the point, I guess: learning by doing.

Besides, I've lost most of my readers. To Twitter, I suspect, or Facebook, Gowalla – god knows. So perhaps it's time to address a larger audience? Sure, a personal blog is a bubble anyway, but why keep it smaller than it need to be?

Until then, there's always Google Translate:

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  1. A combination would be fine, I think. As long as you have decided which audience you would like to reach out to.

  2. abre says:

    I’m conscious about the reader when I evaluate my language, style, clarity and line of argument, but I try not to be when I choose a topic. I write about what interests me and what comes to mind, and I’ll just have to trust that there are readers for every kind of text. If I can reach different people, I’ll be glad.

    The same goes for my blog as a whole; the only common factor underlying all my posts is my own range of interests. Insofar I have regular readers, I expect it’s because their interests overlap with mine.

    I won’t change my policy in that regard, but I will of course have to choose when to write in english, i.e. guess what might be relevant to non-norwegian readers.

    So, though I won’t change my writing in order to get more readers, I might try to make it available to a larger (and perhaps even more diverse) audience.

  3. Titta says:


    Goggle oversetter:

    “However, this is great, you still use the Google translation, it can be more naturally translated into Chinese?”

    Det jeg skrev på norsk, og fikk oversatt til kinesisk, var:

    “Men skal det bli stort, og du allikevel skal bruke Google oversetter, så er det vel mer nærliggende å oversette til kinesisk?”

    Men for all del: lykke til! Du skriver godt, interessant og reflektert og fortjener en stor leserkrets!

  4. abre says:

    Takk, men for å presisere: Jeg skal ikke bruke Google oversetter. Eksemplene mine var ment å skulle illustrere hvorfor. Men ditt eget eksempel var jo enda bedre. :)

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