Big Nancy

Big Nancy was always a loner
she hung out in bars every night
would never let anyone own her
seemed almost a prude, but not quite

If somebody dared to approach her
to ask 'do you fancy a drink?'
Big Nancy would eye the encroacher
mockingly – making him shrink

But once in a while she'd surrender
and beckon the guy to sit down
she'd smile as he tried to befriend her
secretly scorning the clown

Each word, every wink, he would swallow
then, staggering into the gloom
Big Nancy would lead, he would follow
unaware of his imminent doom

So Nancy's admirer went missing
like all of her courters of late
'cause after the flirting and kissing
they all faced a horrible fate

The men were all willing and trusty
excited and slightly obsessed
Big Nancy was bulky and busty
she smothered them all with her breast


© abre – 2016