All These Things

The wind in the trees
the sound of a bird
the grass in the hills
and the stories you heard

Your longing and hopes
your virtues and pride
your frailty and fears
and the world opened wide

The road that you walked
and the chances you missed
every deed, every failure
you would add to your list

The voice of the crowd
and the call of your heart
and whispers of conscience
directing your part


The songs that I heard
and the sound of the stream
the size of the world
and dream upon dream

Oceans of wonders
and days of delight
thickets of trouble
growing wild in the night

The fall in the pit
and the toil of it all
the bliss and release
when you came, and you called

These are the things
that made our paths cross
made our lives entangle
for good and for worse
but time goes on...


The love that you gave
and my doubt in return
the dreams that you dreamed
and the back that I turned

The stories I told
and the smile on your face
my answers so cold
and the race of the days

Your struggle and pain
and my own peace of mind
the blows that you took
and my eyes that went blind

The time that was lost
and my love overdue
the chances I'd missed
when I finally knew

These are the things
that made our world crumble
these are the things
that tore us apart
but time goes on...


The wind in the trees
and the grass on the ground
the love that we shared
and the answers we found

Your longing and pride
the moments you missed
your struggle and pain
and the moments of bliss

The touch of your hands
and the sound of your voice
the doubt in my soul
and the curse of my choice

The pain when you left
and the fear of the pit
The smile on your face
and my picture of it

The songs that we sing
and the sound of the stream
the stories we tell
and the dreams that we dream

All these things
and all that has been
all that we wished for
and all that we are
all these things
shall pass...


© abre – 2003