I'm on my way along the line
No second thoughts!
Right on track! I got the sign

This town tied me down,
but at last I'm cutting loose and moving on
Blow the whistle
and I'm gone!

Sceneries pass,
greener grass...
Better days!
Much more space!

Station after station
cozy homes flickering by
I hope I'll find my destination
before I die

Finally free, I'm new and shining!
I'm the precious stone from the jewel box
No stains, and no more dusty darkness
And nothing grows on rolling rocks!

Travelling light,
          Travelling light
old rubbish left behind,
          you're running into the night.
I'm searching far
          Search inside,
for a clue.
          for clues you have denied.

Mel: abre/Ob

© abre – 2000