I've been a fool. There's no denying it.
Yes, I've been blind – that much is clear!
'Cause I was young, my heart was hungry
I was alone, and she was there!

She said:
«I know how you feel
I guess we're two of a kind
And I know what you want
If you seek you shall find!»

Sure, I was lost, and I was faithless.
She told me why and how and where.
And then she showed me there is a heaven,
she gave me a ride and took me there...

She said:
«I can make it all right
Let me make it all right!
And you know this is right
Just us and the night...»

Now I was hooked – struck dumb and dazzled,
just like a moth around the flare.
So when she suddenly turned
I came too close, I got burned,

and in a flash... she wasn't there!

She said:
«Now, don't get me wrong,
I know how you feel.
Our loving was strong,
but now it's time to get real!»

I was a dreamer. She was a schemer.
It was a game – no love affair!
She was in transit, between romances.
She had some time to kill, and I was there...

Mel: abre/Ob



© abre – 1999