Safe and Sound

Still light and sounds outside
A busy world beyond my wooden blinds
Still light and still time to join the game
of masks and mirrors

I should have made a move and played my part
I should have opened my blinds and opened my heart
But I got stuck with these tasks and plans
and dreams and moody memories

Safe and sound inside these solid walls
Safe from harm – safe from love
But I'll be ready if somebody comes and calls
I'll climb down and hit the town!
And I'll make up for every lonely night
until I'm sober in the ruthless light
Then I'll hide – so safe inside …

My world is an oyster, the pearl is my heart
enclosing my failures, and turn them to art
Yeah, I learned to be smooth, but the core is impure
I wish I was sure

Hard on the outside, that's what I learned
and soft inside, but now it's turned
The shell's cracked open, the fault is my own
I'm turning to stone

Safe and sound, that is all I ever asked
Safe from harm – safe from blame
Safe from prying glances, free to go unmasked
without shame, without fear to spoil the game
And I built this stronghold, year after year
Nothing touched me, and at last I couldn't care
So safe inside – solidified …

© abre – 2006    
Rev. 30/6-08